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In today’s increasingly fast-paced and agile business world, only those with an accelerated ability to learn and grow can outperform the field. Understanding how the brain works and applying this knowledge for greater effectiveness and efficiency will give you a unique edge. My corporate speeches are science- & experience-based, involving , and come with hacks.

The neuroscience of high (team) performance
Skill will get us only this far. When it comes to exceptional performance we need two things: the right mindset and the right hormone cocktail in place. This talk combines the best of neuroscience and competitive athletics to uncover what’s behind exceptional performance – for ourselves and for our teams.
How to exchange bad habits for good ones
Our rational brain makes up 8% of the entire brain mass. And every year anew we are surprised why it’s so hard to live up to our new year’s resolutions. Talking ourselves into changing our habits works seldomly. We need to access the 92% of our brain. This talk reveals how to outsmart the 92%, how to overcome the inner “devil” and get us moving into the direction WE want.
Managing stress – a radical new approach
The business and psychology literature is full of practical tips and tricks on how to reduce stress. Overall, they make very much sense. However, they ignore the real cause of stress. This talk reveals the neuroscientific explanation of the real cause of stress. Once we have have unlocked this secret, our strategies in dealing with stress will change – for the better.
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